Why your luxury home renovation deserves the right contractor

Have you ever heard the phrase “Buy cheap, buy twice”? It couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing the perfect contractor for your luxury home. Here we’ll show you why you need to be meticulous in choosing your contractor. We’ll look at what could go wrong and what could go right. And we’ll show you how to find the perfect contractor for your luxury home renovation.


The Perils Of Choosing The Wrong Contractor


Choosing the wrong contractor for your renovation can lead to all sorts of problems for you…


  • The quality of the workmanship might be poor.
  • Cheap materials could be used on your project.
  • You could be left with an unsafe or unsightly home.
  • You’ll find things break or get damaged easily.
  • You could end up hating how it looks.


And your once dream home becomes a nightmare. As leading luxury home renovators, we’ve seen everything at Blackberry Build. We’ve spoken to countless devastated homeowners who’ve chosen the wrong contractors for their dream home renovation and ended up regretting it. We’ve fixed many problems caused by other contractors. We love being able to transform people’s disasters into the home they always dreamed of.
But we much prefer being able to save our clients from the hassle of less reputable contractors. That’s why we proudly showcase our portfolio of highly successful projects, to help people see what we can achieve for them.


The Advantages Of Choosing The Right Contractor


When you choose the right contractor to create your perfect home, you’ll be amazed at the results…


  • Top-quality workmanship will leave your home looking incredible.
  • High quality materials will look amazing and last for decades.
  • You’ll love the eye-catching design and superior finish.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy your home in luxury for years to come.
  • You’ll love showing off your dream home to friends and family.


So how do you know you’re hiring the right contractor? How do you know your contractor is going to treat your renovation project as if it was their own home? Providing you with the highest quality of workmanship and materials at the best price possible?

Let’s look at how to find the perfect contractor to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of.


Finding Your Dream Contractor


There are many ways you can find the perfect contractor to transform your home…


Check their online status – Do they have a strong web presence?


If a company has a professional website with a large portfolio of work this is a great sign that they’re well-established professionals.
Whereas if they have no website or an old, out of date website with no examples of their work, this should set alarm bells ringing. It could be that they’re so busy working that they don’t have time to update it. But it could also mean that they don’t have a portfolio of work and they’re not well-established or professional.


Check their social media


Do they have a good following? Do they post regular photos of their completed works?
Having updated social media with a lot of content is a great sign that the contractors are professional and proud of their work.
A lack of social media could simply mean that the contractors aren’t technologically minded. But it could also mean they don’t have a lot of work and aren’t proud of their completed projects.


At Blackberry Build, we understand that your luxury home renovation is a huge project for you. When done properly, it can give you your dream home for years to come.
But when it’s not done right, it could cause you years of headaches, stress and money fixing what should have been done right in the first place. Contact us today to discuss all your building and renovation needs.
Because at Blackberry Build, we combine the highest level of workmanship with top-quality materials, and we take care of everything for you. Ensuring you’re delighted with the finished project and love your home for decades to come.

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