8 Ways To Add Value To Your Property

As specialists in the design, build and renovation of luxury homes, one question our clients regularly ask is…


“How can I improve my home’s value?”


Whether you’ve just moved into your new home and want to put your own stamp on it. Or if you’ve been there a while and need to freshen things up. When it comes to renovating your home, there are many things to consider. Home renovations are not something to be taken lightly as there’s a great deal of work involved. That’s why, at Blackberry Build, we like to get to know you before making recommendations about any work being carried out. After all, everyone’s needs are different. Each home deserves the highest level of design, precision and craftsmanship possible. That’s why our clients love the comprehensive service we provide.


Here are eight top tips for maximising your space, creating your dream home and increasing the value of your property.


1. Install The Latest Smart Home Technology


The advances in smart home technology are incredible. They’re all about saving you money, keeping you secure and making your life easier. For this reason, home buyers are attracted to properties that are installed with the latest smart home technology. Whether it be smart lights that turn on, off and dim on demand. Or the latest in high tech home security cameras. Embracing the smart home revolution will ensure your home is efficient, safe and in high demand.


2. Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bathroom


Probably the two most important rooms in your home! Buyers love the attraction of a recently fitted bathroom or kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens with fresh tiles and appliances installed to the highest standard help your home stand out. When done right they can be the centrepiece of your home and can add incredible value to your property.


3. Update Your Interior Design


Have you ever walked around a home and thought “wow” in your head in every room you’ve been in? You can give your visitors that same feeling by updating the interior design throughout your home. A fresh, stylish interior design appeals to everyone. And it helps reflect the style and taste of the homeowner. This all increases your home’s demand and value.


4. Improve Your Windows & Glazing


The windows in your home don’t just keep you warm and dry. They also say a lot about your home. If they’re starting to get old and a little tired, it can drag your home’s curb appeal down. By installing new windows and glazing you can help transform the exterior appeal of your home, while improving the interior’s comfort. New glazing also helps to drastically reduce energy bills and makes your home far more energy efficient.


5. Revamp Your Landscaping & Gardens


The perfect complement to a gorgeous home is to have an eye-catching and practical outdoor space. Your gardens, driveways and patios can give your home an incredible curb appeal. This makes a fantastic first impression on visitors and makes a strong statement about your entire home’s appearance.


6. Create Open Plan Living


These days people love to congregate and relax in luxury and comfort. Creating open living spaces within your home helps to bring people together. It also brightens up your home with heaps of natural daylight. Open plan spaces are brilliant for entertaining and partying and help to give your home a true sense of luxury and style.


7. Converting Your Loft and Garage


Converting your garage helps to create extra living space within your home. Whether you need an extra play area, a home office, a home gym or simply an extra room to unwind in, a garage conversion is a great choice. When it comes to creating a unique, spacious upstairs space, converting your loft is a brilliant option. Lofts often contain a lot of wasted space. So by converting them into a luxury room, you’re helping to maximise your use of space and hugely improving your home’s value.


8. Increase Your Living Space


Adding a well-designed extension is a great way to add appeal to your home. A single storey extension can help make your home more practical. Whether that be extending the size of your kitchen or living room or creating a new room altogether. A two-storey extension can obviously create even more room. With an extra bedroom or an extended bedroom adding more appeal and practicality to your home. When done right, extending your living space is perfect for creating more square footage, adding more light and increasing the value of your home.


At Blackberry Build, our attention to detail and vast experience in luxury home construction and renovation provides you with unparalleled results. By listening to your needs, hopes and dreams for your property we can help create your dream home. A home that lets you live in luxury and increases in value with every project we complete for you.


To discuss it further, contact us today. We’re ready to help make your dreams a reality.

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